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Coaching Clinics

Friendly reminder that District 16 will be hosting several USA Hockey Coaching Clinics in Crookston over the next couple weeks.  Keep in mind that you will need this completed along with the other coaching items by December 31, 2016 to be able to coach this season.  If there are any questions feel free to contact our District Head Coach, Joel Gasper- or 218-289-0558.

Please log on to and then click the coaches tab for more info.



We have received many questions about Mite team items.  The best answer is to follow the current Minnesota Hockey guidelines as District 16 does not have any other rules.  If special request exist, please email Mark Elliot at to request deviations from the below Minnesota Hockey handbook.



F. MITE HOCKEY – MH strongly encourages skill development for all players. This is particularly critical at the Mite level so that players are provided with the foundation to enjoy and have success in the game.

1. To reduce expense and promote development rather than competition, Mite teams shall participate within their home association and district only. However, the District Director(s) may allow exceptions for convenience or to maintain continuity. The District Director's decision is final.

2. Mites are generally organized into levels based on age, skill and number of players. As a guideline, Mites should be divided into two levels: Mini-Mites (6 & Under) - the younger, beginner and less skilled players; and Mites (8 & Under) - the older, experienced, more skilled players.

3. The focus for Mites is to teach and develop the basic skills of skating, puck handling, shooting and passing. Cross-ice, half-ice and small area games are the standard of play to maximize ice utilization, increase puck touches and increase the competition and fun. The American Development Model (ADM) and Minnesota Development Model (MDM) provide blueprints for player development

4. At the Mini-Mite (6 and Under) level – all games shall be played cross or half ice.

5. At the Mite (8 and Under) level – the standard playing surface for all games is cross- or half-ice. Recognizing that associations may want to deviate from the standard, after December 31st up to six full-ice games are allowed with the District Director's approval. The Director's decision is final.

6. Local hockey associations are in the best position to design programs so their players can develop and have fun. This should be based on the principles of the MDM and ADM, the number of players in their program, the skill of their players, the availability of ice and their coaching staff.

7. In recognition of a need for flexibility and differences between associations, the standards outlined in #4 and #5 above will be monitored by the District Director. Abuses will result in sanctions against the respective association(s) at the sole discretion of the Director.

8. MH does not permit full ice Mite Tournaments; cross/half ice Mite Tournaments are permitted. A guideline for sanctioned Mite Cross/Half Ice Tournaments is found in the Tournament Supplement. MH Mite teams cannot participate in out-of-state tournaments, except cross/half ice tournaments as approved by their District Director.

9. Jamborees may be conducted at the Mite level. A jamboree is defined as a low-key full participation event where players have an enjoyable and learning experience in a non-competitive environment. Jamborees need not be registered as tournaments, but must follow the “Team Rest” provisions as provided for under “Playing Rules”. The format for a Jamboree shall be as follows:

a. Approval to conduct a Jamboree must be obtained from the cognizant District Director at least thirty (30) days in advance.

b. All teams must be from one MH District, unless approved in writing by the MH Directors involved.

c. Information referring to the event must state “Jamboree”, not tournament.

d. Team fees can cover only costs for ice time, officials, medical attendants and participant awards.

e. There can be no gate fee. A free-will donation box will be permitted.

f. USA Hockey certified officials are recommended.

g. No score may be kept, no winners, no losers, no standings. This will generally require a predetermined round-robin format to be followed.

h. No statistics may be kept, such as shots, saves, goals, assists, time of possession, etc.

i. Participation awards, if given, shall be the same for all participants. No team awards or trophies